SAGE: Used to drive out ill feelings and influences.  Protects surrounding area. 
Sweet Grass:  Promotes positive influences, feelings and energies.
Indian Summer:  Combo of sage, sweet grass and cedar.
Wild Strawberry:  Used for cleansing the body.  
Cedar:  Used for cleansing and while praying.
White Pine:  Good for new beginnings.

Candles are handmade with natural scents and ingredients.
$2.00 each or three for $5.00
Schenandoah Deerskin Designs now has an exciting new product that marries the international candle fascination with traditional native scents!  Native Americans have always burned special herbs and plants to create an ambiance and for the smoke to carry their prayers to the Creator.   Oneida Iroquois Gerald Schenandoah and his wife Cheryl have personally designed and array of candles that captures this heritage.
Each candle is hand poured and most contain actual plant products.  Various plants such as red cedar, pine, sweet grass, sage and indian summer are ground up and their essence is infused throughout the candle itself.   The essence of these fragrances are twice that of commercial candles, and have such a compelling scent that they are being used to freshen rooms without being lit.
Each candle is approximately 2” high and take on the color of the specific plant medicine or essence.  Each candle will last four to six hours if you keep the wick trimmed 1/4 of an inch.
Many people are using specific candles as part of their specific meditations and as incense.  Since they contain the actual sacred herbs normally used in ceremonies, these candles may provide the same atmosphere and effect of the “smudging” ceremony.  These votive candles have been used for devotions, gratitude and for blessings.  It should be noted that the herbs/medicines are so plentiful they should not be left alone when burning.
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